Having traveled to over thirty countries, I have found that my international experiences have helped me to better appreciate different cultures, values, perspectives and problem solving. My travels have also allowed me to be see how different countries plan their communities, develop and implement public policy and address the challenges of climate change. I also believe that my international experiences have enhanced my professional skill sets; including, organizational performance, program evaluation, policy analysis, decision-making, critical thinking and creativity.

Here I would like to have the ability to place a few pictures with the ability to include a short paragraph or two describing key aspects of the particular trip.


My work at Okakarara, Namibia included providing technical and contracting, grant writing and economic development assistance to the chief administrative officer of the Okakarara local government.

National University of Mongolia

Working with my collegues at the National University of Mongolia continues to be a very rewarding experience. In addition to teaching several courses for the Public Administration Department, I also provide professional training and seminars for civil servants serving at various agencies and provincial governments.

Mongolia – Open Society Forum

I have had the pleasure to work on civil society efforts with the dedicated and professionals at Open Society Forum-Mongolia. Some of the projects that I assisted with include: public hearing methods, campaign financing, mining practices and strategic planning.

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