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  • Abstract #3

    In this chapter, the authors describe the lessons learned in responding to the various effects of the COVID-19 event that occurred from January 2020 through January 2021 on the ability of faculty to deliver quality, college-level education coursework to the students of the Department of Public Administration at the National University of Mongolia. The experiences […]

  • Abstract #2

    The important socio-ecological services provided by forests of Mongolia are being compromised by failed forest management policies that are associated with inadequate problem definition, failure to consider the forest as a social-ecological system and climate change as well as poor governance. In this paper we describe the current forest management scheme of Mongolia, identify its […]

  • Abstract #1

    A better understanding of how environmental change will affect species interactions would significantly aid efforts to scale up predictions of near-future responses to global change from individuals to ecosystems. To address this need, we used meta-analysis to quantify the individual and combined effects of ocean acidification (OA) and warming on consumption rates of predators and […]

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